Craft Chaps

Craft Chaps offers substantive essays by contemporary writers on creative writing practice. Each chap focuses on one aspect of craft and also contains a writing exercise and bibliography for further reading. They are freely downloadable at Sundress Publications and can be printed and stapled as 5×8 booklets.

As creative writing teachers, we’ve been frustrated by the lack of affordable texts available for our students. Introductory textbooks from major publishers often include anthologies of creative work which significantly increase cost, while book-length works of aesthetic theory privilege one aesthetic perspective.

Craft Chaps aims to democratize creative writing education through making this material accessible for use both inside and outside the academy. We also recognize that “craft” is not a neutral term, and seek to contextualize it within a range of aesthetic and cultural contexts. Through offering chaps from different perspectives and literary communities, we encourage students to resist “universal,” often cis, white, male notions of “good” literature.

Download our first three years of Craft Chaps for free above by clicking on the cover image!

Please note that this series is funded by people like you and relies on contributions from our readers to continue. If you’ve enjoyed these chaps, do consider a small tax-deductible donation to Sundress Publications. We are an entirely volunteer-run 501(c)(3) nonprofit.


Craft Chaps (2021) Megan Giddings
A Delicious Letter: Correspondence on Narrative Time in Fiction
by Megan Giddings
Craft Chaps (2021) Tina Jenkins Bell
Messy Genius
by Tina Jenkins Bell


Craft Chaps (2020) A.D. Carson
Rap & Storytelling Invention
by A.D. Carson
Craft Chaps (2020) Wendy C. Ortiz
::how to write the book while not writing the book::
by Wendy C. Ortiz
Craft Chaps (2020) Susan Power
The Structure of Love: Anatomy of a Novel
by Susan Power


Craft Chaps Vol. 1 (2019) Chen Chen
You MUST Use the Word Smoothie: A Craft Essay in 50 Writing Prompts
by Chen Chen
Craft Chaps Vol. 1 (2019) Bayo Ojikutu
METHOD IN CRAFT: Stanislavski, Voice and Workshop Alternatives
by Bayo Ojikutu
Craft Chaps Vol. 1 (2019) Ángel Garcia
Lessons on Erasure
by Ángel Garcia